SIBR 1025 - Fandom, Magicks, and Collaborative Wikis
Spring Semester, 2020/2020/2020

Instructor: Risky Business, MSc of Something
Office: Clork Hall, Escher Complex, th Floor
Office Hours: email me and i will respond in three weeks
Electronic Mail Address:
Telephone: 413-555-1025

Lecture/Project Topics (For more complete information, see the digital schedule on our homepage):

Fandom, Magicks, and Collaborative Wikis (SIBR 1025) meets Monday, Post EarlDay, PreLateday, and Lateday at 2:00 in Clork Hall Room 413. Students will need to buy one or more IBM-formatted Zip disks and 3 � inch IBM-formatted floppy disks for use in projects.

Assigned Readings

Grading policy

Component Percentage
Attendance and participation 30%
Meditation responses 5 × 9% (45%)
Final project 25%

Here’s the breakdown of how grades correspond with percentages. Note that the completion of all components of the class is necessary to earn a passing grade.

Grade Percentage
A 90 to 100
B 80 to 89
C 70 to 79
D 60 to 69
F Below 60

Statement of academic integrity

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as though it were your own. More specifically, plagiarism is to present as your own: A sequence of words quoted without quotation marks from another writer or a paraphrased passage from another writer’s work or facts, ideas or images composed by someone else.