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Welcome to my faculty page. I am a Blaseball archivist at the Society for Internet Blaseball Research. I served as Headmistress from October 2020 to March 2022.

My research at SIBR primarily focuses on our Blaseball Archives and presentation of data to global researchers.

Due to the nature of my position I am currently not teaching courses at the Escher Complex, but am currently working on collecting various research notes to this web site.


A sinking feeling: Investigating the relationship between team eDensity and Level
i. quorum et al, 31 March 2021
Team eDensity is intricately linked to an ILB team’s Level, their Credit to the League. Game data available from Seasons 12–14 helps us develop a model for understanding how Levels change over time. The names given by the game to this data implies a physical relationship and provides us with some minimal room for conjecture on cosmology of the immaterial plane. This relationship additionally informs us of a subset of the consequences of returning Chorby Soul from the Trench.

Effects of "Blaserunning" decree on shame
i. quorum and BaronBliss, 6 August 2020
We consider whether the "Blaserunning" decree in the ILB Season 3 election, which awards 0.1 runs for a team that successfully steals a base, impacts the number of games resulting in shame. We apply this rule to past games and find a 21.6% decrease in games where the away team is shamed.


If you have questions about Blaseball or SIBR you can reach out to the Help/Reference Desk on the SIBR Discord server. You can also find me there.

I can also be found at @ilianaquorum on

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