Prof. Frostbird

Professor of Augury
Spreadsheet Sorcerer
Navigator of the Data Stream
Bet Strategist

In the Sandy Loam
Beneath the North Oak

Escher Complex Grounds
Frostbird#9525 (Discord)


Frostbird joined the Blaseball community during Season 13 as an Ohio Worms fan. In search of more information about snacks, he joined SIBR in Season 14. After a few seasons contributing to economic discussions, he was one of the major contributors to creating and improving earnings projections of various idols. These efforts culminated in Frostbird creating an entirely new backend for the snacks spreadsheets based on the previous work by tehstone. Shortly after, he joined the College of Augury. Since the end of the Expansion Era, Frostbird has expanded his interests to other aspects of the SIBR community by participating in the SIBR Cursed Viewer Competition and co-administering surveys to better understand betting in the Short Circuits era. Now in the Coronation Era, Frostbird continues to enjoy economic analysis.


Snackonomy (

Snackonomy gathered player statistics from game statsheets and tracked performance live as the seasons progressed. Using knowledge of player and team modifiers, this tool compiled past passive income data. More importantly, it was developed to provide accurate predictions of future performance. This combined with knowledge of snack packs provided insight into the most optimal snack packs and idols. Developed and used during the Expansion Era of Blaseball.

Co-authored by tehstone and OrigamiRobot
Backend source code:

Shleets (

Shleets was created for SIBR Cursed Viewer Competition. Co-Winner of the Accessibility Award. Get an authentic Blaseball ballpark experience! Watch your favorite players step up to the plate and face down a field of defenders. Ooh and Ahh at the lights of the scoreboard. Observe the looming solar eclipse in the sky! It's Blaseball as it was meant to be viewed: in a spreadsheet!

Backend source code:

Intro Guide to the Blaseball API

**This document is now lost to the void, and its relevance is also gone now that Blaseball has moved to api2.** This document gathers a lot of the information I wish I knew when I started working with the Blaseball API. It's designed to be useful for both absolute beginners and people who know programming but not how to work with an API. It's also designed to have minimal dependence on other SIBR tools. However, using other SIBR tools might be much better for a project than working with the API directly.

Other Contributions

blaseball-mike: Developed updates to handle Gamma-era streamData. Co-administering betting surveys for the Short Circuits era


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