Bee, or Beefox, is a disabled autistic programer. After joining blaseball in season 4, star started development on blasebot. However, not joining sibr until early season 5 for better understanding of the api.

Bee prefers focus on tools to increase accessability, whether that be discord bots, userscripts, or websites. As well as that, star enojys making silly things.


Star uses star/stars pronouns. This is because star often feels that starself does not align with any "typical" genders.

Star has been quoted as saying:

sometimes, even they/them is too gendered for me to feel comfortable.



Blasebots beginning has a bit of a sad story, to keep it short it started as a distraction from some bad stuff happening in life, but quickly evolved into a tool to allow others access to the game through discord.

This allowed many teams to more effectively watch along together, and keep track of what was happening. Soon more features came to blasebot, weather event tracking, takeover reporting, any major game events would be collected and reported so you didn't have to be there.

In season ß12, blaseball added the feed, which mimiced a lot of what blasebot did, a welcome addition to the site that is theorised to be somewhat inspired by blasebot and fans interactions with it.

In season 1*, blasebot is no longer functional, as after the feed was added, blasebot used the feed in order to more easily provide correct information without missing anything (a not uncommon problem in v1 of blasebot)

Sadly, we do not know if or when the feed, and by extention blasebot, will return. We hope it will be soon.

Star is one of the current maintainers of, helping to manage site css and html. Star strives for accessability of the site and as such frequently reviews code updates to ensure accessability.


You can contact star at, via pinging star in the sibr discord sever (@beefox#7767), or by mentioning star on the fediverse

You can also find bee on the internet at