Allie Signet

Professor of Augury & salmonblall commissioner
(she/her, they/them)

Allie Signet
Attn: Archives Division
Escher Complex, (n+1)th Floor

Digital Contact
@sapphiclinguine on twitter
The SIBR Discord
Personal Website


I am Allie Signet, current Professor of Augury and Society for Internet Blaseball Research Councilmember.

I work to preserve data from the interactive digital experience Blaseball, and on making it easily accessible.


Eventually is a research system based on a methodology of configurable filters; focused on the research of the Blaseball 'Feed'.

Project Voyager & blaseball.vcr
A collaboration between multiple Society for Internet Blaseball Research with the aim of compressing our numerous archives into 700 megabytes, replayable through a local copy of the tool.
My role was to design the compression system, called blaseball.vcr, which can be downloaded from this website.

Along with the Salmon Institute for Blaseball Research team, i've worked to automate the usage of the CRiSP Harvest Chinook Salmon Harvesting Model through a Python library.